Web Site Themes

A web site theme is a set of templates for each page in your website that control the appearance, the layout and the way pages work. A really good Theme will contain multiple layouts for every sort of page that you might want to put in your web site and will also include fully worked examples of sliders, nav-bars, search forms etc. all fully tested and properly put together. Click for more information about Themes.

Some example Themes are listed below - many will contain sample Latin text and some even let you change colours and layouts to see what would suit you best. There are also thousands of Themes available for WordPress sites that are fully compatible with an Ehaus site.

We recommend BootStrap themes and have listed below some web sites where you can view some of the best that are on offer.

The Ehaus Default Theme is a Bootstrap Theme - it is fully responsive and is configured with all the sliders, banners, tabs, calendars and what-have-you's that you might possibly want. It is a simple matter to modify the Ehaus Default Theme (for example by changing the logo, the font and the colours) and come up with a good-looking, bespoke site suited to your requirements and corporate branding in every respect.

At the other end of the scale, we also offer the full design service - a bit like going off to Saatchi's and asking for the full works in terms of logo design, brochure design, layouts, wire-frames - the works. We will send a team of designers to visit you and discuss your requirements, generate a design brief, and then oversee the development of this into a fully functioning web site.

Examples of Ehaus Default Themes

Due to the way style sheets are loaded into most browsers - you may need to click the ON/OFF buttons twice to get the new Theme to load/unload.

Some Theme Examples and Theme Stores