Sociology and Criminology

Emerald’s Sociology and Criminology publishing focuses on championing fresh thinking with the potential to reshape research and practice.

Our experienced publishing team work with thought leaders and rising stars from institutions worldwide to produce monographs, book series, and research serials that set the research agenda, and give the very best scholarship reach beyond the academy.

Our Sociology list is growing. As well as our flagship Society Now series, which explores the defining issues of 21st Century society, our newest signings include monograph series on criminology and feminism, digital activism, death studies, mixed-race studies, metal music studies, and deviant leisure.


  • Jacket image for Kardashian Kulture
  • Jacket image for Mad Muse
  • Jacket image for Cryptomarkets
  • Jacket image for Making Aid Agencies Work
  • Jacket image for The Emerald Guide to Max Weber
  • Jacket image for Achieving Academic Promotion
  • Jacket image for Regional Success After Brexit
  • Jacket image for Smart Villages in the EU and Beyond
  • Jacket image for Skin, Meaning, and Symbolism in Pet Memorials
  • Jacket image for The Use and Abuse of Music
  • Jacket image for Getting the Most Out of Your Doctorate
  • Jacket image for Australian Metal Music

Recently Published

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Meet the Team

Interested in writing for us? Please contact one of our team who are on hand and happy to answer any questions or discuss your project with you.

Helen Beddow


Gender & Sexuality
Disability Studies
Childhood and Youth
Family Studies
Work and Organizations
Political and Economic Sociology
Migration Studies
Class and Social Stratification
Social Movement Studies
Racism and Nationalism
Poverty and Social Welfare
Social Policy

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Kimberly Chadwick

Senior Commissioning Editor

Sociology of Education

Paula Kennedy


Culture and Media
Sport and Leisure
Social Theory
Research Methods
Death Studies
Historical Sociology
Sociology of Religion
Sociology of the Arts

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Hazel Goodes


Public Policy

Jenny McCall


Digital Sociology
Sociology of Health and Illness
Reproductive Sociology
Urban Sociology
Environmental Sociology
Sociology of Ageing
Science and Technology
Medical Sociology

Jules Willan


Criminology and Criminal Justice