Women, Economics and The Labour Relations

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Series description

This series aims to publish monographs and edited collections (in the region of 70,000-90,000 words) that tackle the position of women in the economy as well as explore labour relations. By labour relations, it means studying human relations in work in its broadest sense and analysing how labour relations affect social inequality with particular reference to women. In terms of social inequality, this series particularly welcomes analyses of women and class and broader analyses of labour relations. The series will publish perspectives from around the world and thus the series fits into the understanding of labour relations through both work relations in a Western sense and non-Western forms of labour. The series is also interested in studies of the position of women in worker’s unions, stance on women’s affairs within workers unions, and the position of women and women’s affairs in labour movements.

Both historical and contemporary perspectives are welcome. Studies in industrial and economic sociology are particularly welcome.

The book series aims to publish books from a variety of perspectives, e.g. the series will equally accept both theoretical and empirical perspectives. Also, the book series will accept case study perspectives on women working in various industries. We would particularly like to hear from authors who research the position of women in working-class positions, e.g. factory workers, supermarket workers, etc. Studies on women in feminized industries (e.g. nursing, teaching, PR) and masculine industries (construction, business, finance) are equally welcome.

The main aim of this book series is to deconstruct the position of women in the economy and explore labour relation from a feminist perspective. All feminist perspectives are welcome, which includes liberal feminist perspectives, as well as analyses of the position of women from radical and socialist feminist positions. In the case of the latter, we particularly welcome proposals that tackle economic system and inequalities with special reference to the position of women. The proposed books should particularly focus on analysing structural problems that bring about inequality, the distinctiveness of women’s contributions to the economy, work conditions and masculinities in organizations and wider societies and differences between men and women. Besides, books that tackle economic systems and link this to the position of women are also welcome.

Topics considered:
Women and organizational culture
Masculinities and femininities and the organizational culture
Leadership styles between men and women
Communication styles between women and men, and the link with career progression
Business and sustainability (women’s angle)
Women in business
Industrial relations and women
Labour relations and women
Women and poverty
Women and consumerism
Women and class
Studies on patriarchy and economy
Labour movements, women and the media
Worker’s Unions and women
Women’s work activism
Radical feminist perspectives on the position of women in the economy
Ecofeminist analyses of the society
Socialist Feminism and the criticism of the capitalist society
Media systems and women
Women and labour relations in capitalism, socialism and communism
Family, domestic work and employment
Women and work security
Women, work and reproduction
Women and capitalism
Women and socialism
Women and communism
#metoo movement
Women and sustainability
Women and the glass ceiling/paygap debate

Series Editor:
Dr Martina Topić FHEA
Senior Lecturer in Public Relations at Leeds Beckett University, UK

To submit a proposal to this series, please contact the series editor via email:

Dr Martina Topić
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