The Tourist Experience

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Series description

This series focuses on a notable gap in Tourism Studies literature, that of the tourist experience.

Books in the series will move beyond a broader exploration of particular forms of tourism to examine specifically the tourist experience in a cohesive and thematically structured manner. The series will seek to build a comprehensive set of texts that collectively contribute to critical knowledge and understanding of the tourist experience today. The series features monographs and short books (20-50,000 words).Short books will comprise reviews of specific ‘types’ of tourist that focus primarily on the influences on and nature and significance of their experiences within a socio-cultural framework. The aim is for each book to provide a definitive yet critical overview of each tourist ‘type’, embracing contemporary empirical and conceptual perspectives and debates as a means of understanding their experiences.

Short form works will explore a range of subjects in this field, including, but not limited to, the following suggested topics:

• The Ecotourist
• The Volunteer Tourist
• The Responsible Tourist
• The Adventure Tourist
• The Dark Tourist
• The Backpacker Tourist
• The Spiritual Tourist
• The Mass Tourist
• The Seaside Tourist
• The Sport Tourist
• The e-Tourist
• The Ageing Tourist
• The Future Tourist

Monographs in the series will offer in-depth critical explorations of specific themes relevant to the tourist experience. It is expected that each book will combine state-of-the art reviews with contemporary research. Suggested topics for monographs may include:

• Emotions in Tourist Experiences
• Authenticity and the Tourist Experience
• Tourism and Happiness
• Tourism Experiences of Place
• Creating Tourist Experiences
• The Tourist in the Digital Age
• The Significance of Tourism in Contemporary Society.

To submit a proposal to this series, please contact the series editor via email:

Richard Sharpley
Professor of Tourism & Development
University of Central Lancashire