The Theory and Practice of Financial Stability

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Series description

The Theory and Practice of Financial Stability weaves through all aspects of financial stability from theory to practice, providing a valuable insight for economists, policy-makers, researchers and students alike. Taking an intensive and coherant approach to financial stability, the series addresses all the key issues in a highly comprehensive and critical manner.

About the series author

Indranarain Ramlall, PhD, is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Mauritius in the department of Economics and Statistics. He previously served as a Credit Corporate Officer at the State Bank of India, Mauritius, and then a Fund Manager at Anglo-Mauritius Financial Services Limited. Dr Ramlall also worked within the Financial Markets Division and the Financial Stability Unit at the Central Bank of Mauritius. At this time, he also served as a member of the Joint Working Group Committee on Debt Management and the Sub-Committee on Treasury Bill Allocation. His research interests include financial stability, central banking, risk management, economics and finance in Mauritius, investment analysis, quantitative techniques and econometric modelling, and the economics of climate change and green finance. Dr Ramlall is also an accomplished pioneer in the field of global central bank ratings.

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