The Economics Of Vice

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Series description

Everyone has vices. But vices, whether they be drinking soda, gambling via Fantasy Football, or indulging in wastefulness, don’t just affect our waistlines and our conscious: they also have economic and social effects, and are even shaping the world around us.

The marijuana industry is changing the face of the city of Denver, affecting affordable housing. As Big Tobacco changes, Juul’s were placed under the microscope in 2018 as they were told to prove they aren’t marketing to minors. Starbucks has ditched plastic straws in an effort to reduce the vice of wastefulness.The Economics of Vice is a series of accessible short-form books, with each examining a vice or vice-related industry’s economic effects. Each title in the series will delve into these kind of key issues and challenges to these industries and vices, and the effects they are having on our world. From the best minds in the business, these books will offer readers an academically sound approach to understanding these “sindustries,” and how they are affecting our lives.

Potential key topics that the series may explore:

  • the marijuana industry
  • the firearms and ammunition industry
  • gambling and sports gambling
  • sin taxes (soda, cigarettes, etc.)
  • vape marketing and markets
  • drug markets (legal and illegal)
  • social media (narcissism, spite, prejudice, obsession)
  • wastefulness/effects on climate/society
  • modern porn industry
  • modern tobacco industry
  • alcohol and beer markets
  • economics of the dark web
  • people trafficking
  • debt and spending

To submit a proposal to this series, please contact the commissioning editor via email:

Charlotte Maiorana
Emerald Publishing