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The SocietyNow series provides readers with a definitive snapshot of the events, phenomena and issues that define and are defining our 21st century world. Fracking, drones, celebrity culture, the far right, post-truth society, inequality, obesity, clean eating, terrorism, hipsters, the dark net, the migrant crisis - all topics and issues affecting society now, and therefore potential future books in the series.

Written by leading experts in their fields and publishing as each focal point is being contemplated across the globe, titles in the series offer a thoughtful, concise, and rapid response to the major political and economic events and social and cultural trends of our time.

Making the best of academic expertise accessible to a wider audience, and making the complexities of each topic clear, SocietyNow explains why our world is the way it is, now.

All topics and issues affecting society now are potential future books in the series. Topics might include, but are not limited to:

  • Fracking
  • Drones
  • Celebrity culture
  • The far right
  • Post-truth society
  • Inequality
  • Obesity
  • Clean eating
  • Terrorism
  • Hipsters

Jen McCall
Senior Publisher, Science for Society

Helen Beddow
Publisher, Sociology, Gender and Diversity

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