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Series description

Humans face and deal with death and loss through media and technologies at hand. In contemporary culture, online media is perhaps the most important arena for the (re-)interpretations, (re-)mediations and performances of traditions, practices and beliefs related to death and dying. While some of these traditions are indeed new and ‘digitally born’, others are revitalizations of older death-related practices.

Sharing Death Online is a new book series with the ambition to embrace the fact that death is both a basic human condition that humans share socially and an event in human life that calls people to be intimate and to share their human experiences, both in relation to death and to other basic life conditions such as family, love, loneliness, health, friends, etc. Death is crisis, endpoint, turning point, however, at the same time a source of experimentation, creativity and transgression.

The series will welcome both analytical case studies and theoretical, analytical contributions from, and across, a great variety of disciplines including (media) sociology, (media) aesthetics, cultural studies, digital design, psychology, (visual) anthropology, design, the history of religion, philosophy, linguistics, art history and more.

Themes and issues published in Sharing Death Online may include:

  • Online mourning communities and peer support
  • Online memorial sites
  • Handling of digital heritage
  • R.I.P. pages on social media
  • Changing relationships to the dead
  • Afterlife beliefs and practices online
  • Digital commercialization of death
  • Suicide - counseling and crisis communication online
  • Remediations of death practices online
  • Dead bodies and materialities online
  • Death, avatars and relations in fictional worlds
  • New digital designs meeting the challenges of death

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To submit a proposal to this series, please contact the series editor via email:

Dorthe Refslund Christensen
Aarhus University, Denmark
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Kjetil Sandvik
Co-founding Editor

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