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Research in the Sociology of Work (RSW) is a twice yearly publication that examines current issues related to the sociology of work. The series provides a comprehensive collection of research focused on the social, economic, political and cultural aspects of work and labour. Issues vary from ‘thematic' volumes addressing particular issues of concern, to ‘regular’ issues devoted to a wide array of topics in the field. These topics cover a broad range of fields including, but not limited to, sociology, business, science, economics, politics, history, and anthropology.

Coverage includes, but is not restricted to: globalization; work and family; deviance in the workplace; marginal employment; employment restructuring; union revitalisation; worker training; diversity; entrepreneurship.

Series podcasts

Hackathons as Co-optation Ritual - Sharon Zukin and Max Papadantonakis discuss their ethnographical study of the world of New York "hackathons", published in "Precarious Work" (vol 31): listen now >

LinkedIn or LinkedOut? - Ofer Sharone discusses his chapter from vol 30 of Research in the Sociology of Work, looking at the far-reaching effects of sites such as LinkedIn on the labour market: listen now >

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