Research in Race & Ethnic Relations

Research in Race and Ethnic Relations (RRER) adopts a Duboisian approach to the study of race and ethnic relations by providing a forum for scholars, researchers, advocates, and policy analysts to present in-depth examinations of critical issues relevant to and associated with racial and ethnic groups.
The series encourages scholarship that utilizes theory and quantitative and qualitative methodologies in an exploration of race and ethnic relations. It provides the benefits of knowledge that will assist in achieving positive structural changes in modern race and ethnic relations.

RRER acknowledges and promotes the intersectionality of race and ethnic relations with other social structures and institutions such as class, gender, age, educational institutions, governments, the family, etc. This title is indexed in Scopus. Volumes from this series included in the Thomson Reuters Book Citation Index.

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Donald Cunnigen
University of Rhode Island, USA

Marino A. Bruce
Jackson State University, USA

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