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Research in Law and Economics (RLE) publishes interdisciplinary research in the field of law and economics. Law and economics research has had an enormous impact on the laws of contracts, torts, property, crimes, corporations, and antitrust, as well as public regulation and fundamental rights. The RLE publishes research that draws on a wide variety of law and economics methods, and welcomes submissions that use formal economic theory, econometrics, and experiments. In addition, the editors encourage well-written articles that employ law and economic reasoning in plain language, especially when based on actual legal and regulatory decisions.

The RLE was founded in 1976, and has published many influential and well-cited articles. The RLE maintains the highest scholarly standards and all submissions are refereed. It seeks to publish international work that is accessible to practicing lawyers, economic consultants, regulators, and academic lawyers and economists.

To submit a proposal to this series, please contact the series editors via email:

Professor James Langenfeld
oyola University Chicago, USA

Edwin Galeano
Navigant Economic Consulting

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