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The focus for the volumes is laboratory experimental economics, but authors of theoretical, empirical, or field economic research are welcome to submit work if it would be of interest to the broader experimental economics community.

It is a goal of Research in Experimental Economics to be complementary with, and not in competition with, traditional journals as outlets for experimental work. Research in Experimental Economics has the freedom to consider papers that may not be appropriate for traditional journals for a variety of reasons. Some examples of these strengths include: theme volumes, replication studies, research which requires longer manuscripts for presentation of data or analysis, and papers on methodological topics.

The volumes of Research in Experimental Economics are not tied to specific, recurring conferences. Typically, a volume theme is established with scholars who are willing to serve as volume-specific editors. These editors issue formal and informal calls for papers; sometimes the editors may find a connection with a specific conference useful. The only constraint the senior editor places on the volume editors is that the papers should undergo a formal referee process using the same quality standards as traditional journals. Recent topics have included market power, charitable contributions, and field experiments.

To submit a proposal to this series, please contact the series editors via email:

R. Mark Isaac
Florida State University, USA

Douglas A. Norton
Florida State University, USA

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