Research in Ethical Issues in Organizations

The purpose of the series is to explore the central and unique role of organizational ethics in creating and sustaining a pluralistic, free enterprise economy. The primary goal of the research studies published here is to examine how profit seeking and not for profit organizations can be conceived and designed to satisfy legitimate human needs in an ethical and meaningful way.Research in Ethical Issues in Organizations (REIO) encourages authors to submit rigorous research studies (essayistic or empirical) from a wide variety of academic perspectives including (but not limited to) business management, philosophy, sociology, psychology, religion, accounting, and marketing. All submitted papers are subject to double-blind peer review. Relevant book reviews are also invited. Acceptable manuscripts probe important issues in organizational ethics and do so in ways that make original and substantial contributions to the existing business ethics literature. These studies are written in a clear and convincing style. The editorial board pledges timely editorial decisions and prompt publication.

To submit a proposal to this series, please contact the series editors via email:

Michael Schwartz
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia

Howard Harris
University of South Australia, Australia

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