Research Methodology in Strategy & Management

Research methods present the strategic management field with great opportunities and challenges; Each volume of Research Methodology in Strategy and Management aims to explore key opportunities and meet critical challenges. The work presented in this series addresses significant and timely methodological topics and strives to move the field toward improved use of method and hence, theory that enhances understanding of strategy and management. This resource showcases recent research by some of the field’s most respected scholars alongside exciting, innovative approaches by emerging scholars. This series thus represents the cutting edge of research methods in strategy and management, with the explicit aim of challenging, developing and transforming methods to advance the fields.designs, quantitative and qualitative data, and positivistic, interpretive, and post-modern orientations.

Collectively, the articles that make up this series offer state-of-the-art thinking about research methodology provided by intellectual leaders, both established and emerging, within the strategy and management fields. These high-quality contributions advance the fields by:

  • addressing broad issues of science, including the state of strategy and management research, and how to build cumulative knowledge a particular area of the field.
  • describing how researchers can better use particular methods, such as social network analysis, structural equation modelling, meta-analysis, sociomaterial analysis, grounded theory, ethnography, and various other approaches.
  • examining key ontological and epistemological issues in the strategy and management fields, including the relationship between theory and method, the human side of research methods, and practical research challenges.
  • outlining challenges and opportunities inherent in particular content areas, including, for instance, resource-based theory, strategy-as-practice, critical management studies, TMT research, mergers and acquisitions, and interorganizational strategy.
  • highlighting ways to improve specific methodological practices relating to research design, data collection, analytic techniques, and the presentation of analysis.

To submit a proposal to this series, please contact the series editors via email:

Brian Boyd
City University, Hong Kong

T. Russell Crook
University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA

Jane Lê
University of Sydney, Australia

Anne D. Smith
University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA

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