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This book series will examine issues facing marketing practitioners and scholars with regard to the fast growing emerging markets across the world who are identified as the next economic engines for growth. The rapidly growing household income, improvement in educational infrastructure and an expanding mid-to-high income class with smaller families, globalization, westernization influences and plus the loosening of regulations on foreign direct and indirect investments by most emerging market governments have spurred the influx of global businesses. While these markets are slowly but steadily approving and adapting the ideology of 'market-driven' enterprise, the breakneck economic growth within presents tremendous opportunity as well as major challenges for companies from other developed and emerging markets. It has also been realised and noted by analysts that for all the large investments being made by external organizations in emerging markets, a significant majority of these firms do not possess necessary market or marketing knowledge regarding how to succeed, or ways to leverage the strengths of these rapidly growing markets for global advantage.

To explore the complexity of these markets in-depth and bring forward some answers as well as ignite further discussion is the aim of this book series. Its purpose is twofold: first, to offer an integrated picture of the intricate and complex marketing environment within the emerging markets and, second, to share the lessons we have learned from successful as well as unsuccessful attempts to fathom these unknown markets. There has been lot written in isolation about management activities in these markets however, a coordinated approach has been missing especially focusing on the marketing challenges within this context. This book series will thus fill a significant void in our knowledge of these substantial and significant markets. The book series shall assist a learner in comprehending the inherent marketing challenges and issues unique to these economies. As it aims to include a wide-ranging literature and context, it is hoped that it will fuel significant amount of academic research, practitioner debate and general understanding of these markets shrouded in the mystery of their own.

These key topics are not exhaustive, and we encourage you to get in touch with the editorial team if you would like to discuss your proposal further.

With the aim of strengthening connections between academics, practitioners and policy makers, your proposal should bring new ideas on hot topics, emerging trends and issues in:

  • Marketing strategy methods
  • Regional marketing
  • Internationl marketing
  • Global marketing strategy

To submit a proposal to this series, please contact the series editor via email:

Paurav Shuklas
Essex Business School, University of Essex, UK

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