International Perspectives on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

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Series description

International Perspectives on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion examines the complex nature of equality, diversity and inclusion in the world of work through interdisciplinary, comparative and critical perspectives.

The series elicits critical scholarship through its focus on structures of inequality in relations of power in exploring issues of EDI at work. The terms, equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) were chosen specifically to delineate the conceptual frame of the series. Each of these concepts adds a different and unique dimension to the study of relations of power at work. While the term equality allows for a comparative reading of power in the workplace, the term diversity draws attention to the multiplicity of strands of difference and the term inclusion adds a purposive and strategic dimension to the investigation of interventions to relations of power at work. These subtle differences aside, equality, diversity and inclusion are also used in interrelated ways in this series, reflecting their interconnectedness at the level of theorisation and practice.

Authors are encouraged to provide cross-national and multi-dimensional insights through comparative analysis and to bring insights from across the disciplines of social sciences and humanities.

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Professor Mustafa Ozbilgin
Brunel University, UK

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