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This series publishes original research on the scholarship and practice of higher education teaching and learning. Showcasing cutting-edge pedagogical innovations in teaching and learning, each volume includes original, empirical qualitative and quantitative research studies, case studies, and other types of research projects that highlight how educators and educational institutions are using innovative teaching and learning policies and practices to improve learning outcomes and increase student engagement, retention, and graduation. This series will appeal to anyone in higher education who is involved in any aspect of the teaching-learning process regardless of discipline, institutional type, or culture (e.g., faculty and students as well as administrators in academic affairs and student services). The series is published in affiliation with the International Higher Education Teaching and Learning Association.

Series editors

Senior series editor:
Patrick Blessinger St John's University, USA

Associate series editor:
Enakshi Sengupta
Centre for Advanced Research in Education (HETL), USA

We are pleased to announce our 2020 Literati Award winners.

Outstanding Author Contribution

Global Perspectives on Academic Integrity
Constance Bygrave, Özen Aşık
Rethinking the Support Programmes for the Marginalised Students in Higher Education Through the Lens of Social Justice
Shuti Steph Khumalo

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