Innovation, Technology, And Education For Growth

This cross-disciplinary series involves academics and practitioners from business, education, and technology fields who are tackling the current challenges and opportunities, related to the education sector.

The series explores education, socio-economic, socio-political dynamics, as well as the impact in terms of the sector and its transformative trends on the knowledge economies and societies of developed and developing countries alike, in terms of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth theories, policies and practices.The titles in this series address issues that bear directly on systemic change and evolution, holistically addressing complex issues by investigating the ways that technology and new organizational approaches, often enabled by technology, are impacting the field of education, broadly considered in all of its forms. The need for this book series stems from the emergence of new technologies and marketplace approaches to education that include: advanced digital media and data systems, for-profit schools and universities, and new commercial entities around education and academic communities that have traditionally been organized as distinct activities based on historical rather than current and future lines of practice.This series provides the needed academic focus on the critical issues of organizational design, business models, technology infrastructure, and human capital that are currently missing in the field. To date, this is the first book series to address emerging issues of technology-related innovation, creativity and education for growth from public and private sector perspectives.

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Elias G. Carayannis

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