Great Debates in Higher Education

Short, informed books addressing key challenges and issues in higher education (HE).

  • What challenges and changes have been brought about by the Teaching Excellence Framework?
  • What are the risks of marketisation policies in the HE sector?
  • How do cultural differences affect students' education and social experience?

The Great Debates in Higher Education series addresses key challenges and issues such as these in higher education on a national and international level. They are research informed but debate driven and are designed to help unpick and assess the state of higher education systems, policies, and social and economic impacts. They are published in paperback and e-book and are intended to be relevant to a broad spectrum of researchers, students, and administrators in higher education.

Tuition fees, academic funding, job security in academia (including career progression and professional development), universities' impacts on cities and community engagement, sexual culture in universities (including sexual harassment / violence and fresher's week / "lad" culture), internationalisation of students, widening access, student satisfaction, voice and silence in academia, gender in academia, racism in academia - all potential future entries in the series.

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Sexual Violence on Campus: Power-Conscious Approaches to Awareness, Prevention, and Response by Chris Linder (pages from uncorrected proofs).
Higher Education Funding and Access in International Perspective, edited by Sheila Riddell, Sarah Minty, Elisabet Wheedon and Susan Whittaker (pages from uncorrected proofs).

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To submit a proposal to this series, please contact the series editor via email:

Kimberley Chadwick
Senior Commissioning Editor - Education

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