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The study of mortality is now an established academic endeavour which is rapidly expanding in scale and in disciplinary reach. Research is international, and the established academic journals and conferences routinely draw contributors and participants from around the world. However, members of this academic community routinely fail to communicate to each other basic facts about funerary practice in their home country, which might serve to set their detailed research in context.

This book series remedies this absence by producing country-specific monographs - no more than 20,000 words - including appropriate tables and images. Each monograph constitutes an essential reference text for funerary activity in the given country, with each answering a standard framework of questions. Where appropriate, the country might be split by region, for example, in reflection of federal or devolved regulatory systems.

The information presented will be factual, and where possible supported by robust evidence rather than anecdote. The texts will include reference to key data sources, historical developments, legislation, and major studies in the field and where possible show understanding of the key stakeholders and organisations involved in framing funerary activity including religious denominations and statutory authorities, third sector agencies and industries.

The framework of questions for each text will covers the following topics:
- History
- Funerary Culture: Frameworks
- Funeral
- Ownership and legal framework
- Burial
- Grave tenure and use
- Cremation
- Monumentation/commemoration
- Tradition
- Funerary heritage

Each monograph will also includes a list of reports or articles essential to understanding funerals in the country in question.

Julie Rugg, Senior Research Fellow, University of York

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