Frontiers Of Management History

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Series description

This series focuses on new and emerging scholarship on management history, presenting innovative methodological approaches to studying history, and new or disruptive ways of thinking about and theorizing management and business history.

Frontiers of Management History combines the craft of the business historian with the methodology of the social scientist, to offer interdisciplinary perspectives on the management history field, alongside theories, frameworks, critiques, and applications for practice.

The main aim of the series is to create a new space in which to engage a new generation of historians and social scientists, in order to contribute to the future direction of business, organizational and management history.

The series features monographs and edited collections exploring a wide range of theoretical, empirical and historiographical contributions concerned with organisations from various sectors, including (but not limited to):

• Management history research methods
• Uses of history in management pedagogy
• Management of leisure
• Industrial and commercial history
• Historical economic geography
• Creative industries, such as sport and music
• Business history of transport
• Public management history
• International business history
• Business history of emerging and developing economies
• History of corporate governance
• Development of management as a profession, and management education
• Business in classical antiquity, the pre-modern, and early-modern periods
• Under-researched industries and sectors (i.e. potteries, wool, construction, land)

To submit a proposal to this series, please contact the series editors via email:

Dr Kevin D. Tennent
University of York, UK

Dr Alex G. Gillett
University of York, UK

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