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This series is dedicated to communicating innovative and multi-disciplinary new research that advances theory and practice in Entrepreneurial Behaviour. The series is focused on expanding the scope of Entrepreneurial Behaviour theory and analysis and enriching practice by encouraging multi-theoretical, multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary approaches.Key issues to be explored in the series include cognition, decision-making, organisational behaviours, and identifying, creating, and exploiting opportunities concerning new products, services, processes, innovations or ventures from entrepreneurial perspective. The primary focus will be on the study of entrepreneurs, small and medium enterprises, and family businesses, with a secondary focus on entrepreneurial and innovative behaviours in other forms of organisations, such as corporations, public administrations and non-profits.

The series welcomes monographs, edited collections of book chapters, and short books using a diversity of innovative research methods. Books concerning research and theory in all topics associated with entrepreneurial behaviour within and across individual, group and organisational levels of analysis, will be featured in the book series. In particular:

· Studies concerning the individual level of analysis: personality, perception, beliefs, attitudes, values, morality, spirituality, personal preferences, motivation, intuition, intention, stress, emotions, judgment, and commitment.

· Studies concerning the group or team level: size, composition, formation, structure, leadership, ethics, power, and politics.

· Studies concerning the organisational level: structure, change, goal-setting, institutionalisation, routines, dynamic capabilities, innovation, creativity, evolution, and human resource management policies and practices.

· Studies investigating entrepreneurial behaviour across levels: decision-making, innovation, conflict management, negotiation, performance, satisfaction, diversity, work-life balance, entrepreneurial culture, ethical dilemmas, inter-organisational processes, and multi-national and cross-national issues.

· Research methodologies to study entrepreneurial behaviour.

To submit a proposal to this series, please contact the series editor via email:

Andrea Caputo
University of Lincoln, UK

Massimiliano Matteo Pellegrini
University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy

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