Emerald Studies in Teacher Preparation in National and Global Contexts

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Series description

Teacher preparation is currently one of the most pressing and topical issue in the field of education research. It deals with questions such as how teachers are prepared, what the content of their programmes of preparation is; how their effectiveness is assessed, and what the role of the ‘good’ teacher is in society. These questions are at the forefront of policy agendas around the world.

This series presents robust, critical research studies in the broad field of teacher preparation historically, with attention also being given to current policy and future directions. Most books in the series will focus on an individual country, providing a comprehensive overview of the history of teacher preparation in that country while also making connections between the past and present and informing discussions on possible future directions.

Series editors:

Teresa O'Doherty
Mary Immaculate College

Judith Harford
University College Dublin

Tom O'Donoghue
University of Western Australia

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