Emerald Studies In Popular Music And Place

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Please note that Emerald Publishing are no longer commissioning new projects for this series. Liverpool University Press are now accepting proposals for the series in its new form – please contact them directly.

Studies of the relations between popular music and place offer rich conceptual and empirical terrain. This interdisciplinary book series publishes research on popular music and its geo-spatial relations by scholars
working in the wider disciplines and subject fields of popular music studies, cultural geography, cultural studies, sociology, urban studies, youth studies, leisure studies, and beyond.Titles in the series focus not only on specific cities, but also rural and suburban places, alternative or marginal spaces, online spaces, and other music geographies, e.g., histories of vanished or erased places, music tourist attractions, thanatological spaces (e.g., cemeteries and other memorializations for deceased musicians), music museums, and so on. The series promotes work by scholars interested in popular music, place and space, cultural identities, globalization, history and cultural heritage. In turn, the book series offers a critical space for scholars to theorise about the changing place of popular music where it is encountered, enjoyed, and contested.

Forthcoming in this series

Brett Lashua, Popular Music, Popular Myth and Cultural Heritage in Cleveland: The Moondog, the Buzzard and the Battle for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Asya Draganova, Shane Blackman and Andy Bennett (eds) The Canterbury Sound in Popular Music: Scene, Identity and Myth

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Brett Lashua
Brock University
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Stephen Wagg
Leeds Beckett University
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