Emerald Studies in Politics and Performance

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Series description

With the ubiquity of social media representations of self, and the mediatized character of public and political life, today we live in a ‘performance society’, where ‘showing doing’ or performance is both ubiquitous and crucial to generating and motivating a variety of proximate and virtual audiences. The Emerald Studies in Politics and Performance book series aims to examine the nature of the ‘performance society’ through a political and performance lens, both capturing and advancing an emerging trend across the social science/humanities boundary: the recognition that politics and performance are intertwined in significant ways. On the one hand, politics is performed and, on the other, performance is political. In capturing these trends, this series aims to bring the study of politics and performance together into closer and richer dialogue.

This ambitious series will examine this trend from a global and interdisciplinary perspective, including politics, communication studies, sociology, and theatre and performance studies.

We are actively seeking proposals for this exciting new series – please get in touch if you have a book project you’d like to discuss.

To submit a proposal to this series, please contact the series editors or publisher via email:

Dr Silvija Jestrovic
University of Warwick, UK
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Professor Michael Saward
University of Warwick, UK
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Hazel Goodes
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