Emerald Studies In Finance, Insurance, And Risk Management

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Series description

Books in this series collect quantitative and qualitative studies in areas relating to finance, insurance, and risk management. Subjects of interest may include banking, accounting, auditing, compliance, sustainability, behaviour, management, and business economics.

In the disruption of political upheaval, new technologies, climate change, and new regulations, it is more important than ever to understand risk in the financial industry. Providing high quality academic research, this book series provides a platform for authors to explore, analyse and discuss current and new financial models and theories, and engage with innovative research on an international scale.

The series welcomes proposals for monographs, edited collections, and chapters on the following areas:
• International Economics and Finance
• Insurance
• Risk Management
• Accounting and Auditing
• Business Development
• International Banking and Portfolio Management
• Financial Economics
• Financial Analysis
• Financial Market Regulation
• Financial Risk Analysis
• Transition Economies
• Corporate Finance
• Exchange Rate Modeling
• Forecasting Financial Markets
• Monetary and Fiscal Policy Decision-Making
• Portfolio and Asset Management
• Pricing and Risk of Financial Instruments
• Advances in Financial Econometrics and Statistics
• Public Finance Decision-Making
• Real Estate
• Environment and social aspects

To submit a proposal to this series, please contact:

Simon Grima (Editor)

Charlie Wilson (Publisher)

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