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Emerald Interdisciplinary Connexions promotes innovative research and encourages exemplary interdisciplinary practice, thinking and living. Books in the series focus on developing dialogues between disciplines and among disciplines, professions, practices and vocations in which the interaction of chapters and authors is of paramount importance. They bring cognate topics and ideas into orbit with each other whilst simultaneously alerting readers to new questions, issues and problems. The series encourages interdisciplinary interaction and knowledge sharing and, to this end, promotes imaginative collaborative projects which foster inclusive pathways to global understandings.

Rob Fisher
Director of Progressive Connexions

Ann-Marie Cook
Principal Policy and Legislation Officer, Queensland Department of Justice and Attorney General, Australia

Teresa Cutler-Broyles
Director of Programmes, Progressive Connexions

John Parry
Edward Brunet Professor of Law, Lewis and Clark Law School, USA

Karl Spracklen
Professor of Music, Leisure and Culture, Leeds Beckett University, UK

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Rob Fisher
Director of Progressive Connexions
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