Emerald Advances in Masculinities

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Series description

Emerald Advances in Masculinities brings together diverse discussions of masculinities to give authors a space to develop alternative voices and perspectives that push the boundaries in discussions of masculinities. The series is global in its scope and publishes books from scholars across the world in fields ranging from criminology, sociology, psychology, law, and critical gender studies and beyond, as well as those using trans- and inter- disciplinary perspectives . We encourage research conducted by sole authors as well as collaborative research that shares methods and conceptual frameworks across disciplines in the synthesis of knowledge and that provides a holistic perspective when researching masculinities. The series offers an exploration into some of the current major concepts that traverse a range of methodologies, theoretical perspectives, and conceptualisations related to the critical studies of men and masculinities.

Emerald Advances in Masculinities provides a platform for innovative research methods that explore a range of differing perspectives that relate to critical research on masculinities across settings that include, but are not limited to: prisons, spaces of confinement, detention, risk, migration, education, employment, consumption, leisure, sport, technology, surveillance and health. The book series publishes a combination of internationally-recognised academics as well as early-career researchers and provides a home for the best research in this area. The series includes books in a variety of formats, for example, monographs, Emerald Points, edited collections, and Handbooks.

To this end, we are interested in receiving submissions in topics including, but not limited to:

  • Carceral geography and issues of space and place
  • Comparative research on masculinities
  • Crime, punishment, penology and masculinities
  • Education and masculinities
  • Gender-transformation, masculinities and young people
  • Health practices and masculinities
  • Identity, body and impression management across space and time
  • LGBTQ+ people, identity, and masculinities
  • Masculinities and digital societies
  • Masculinities and war
  • Masculinities and the changing nature of employment
  • Masculinities and the family
  • Masculinities in the context of borders, migration, and detention
  • Media representations of masculinities
  • Mental, physical and social health
  • Sexuality and masculinities
  • Surveillance and the online world
  • Technology, masculinities and justice
  • Theoretical explorations of critical masculinities

We encourage authors globally to contact us as the hope is to create a truly international series on masculinities. We also recognise the imbalanced political economy of knowledge production and therefore welcome scholars from the global south.

To submit a proposal to this series, please contact the series editors via email:

Dr Steven Roberts
Monash University, Australia
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Dr Tess Bartlett
Monash University, Australia

Prof Rosemary Ricciardelli
Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada