Dialogues in Critical Management Studies

Critical Management Studies (CMS) is an evolving collection of radical challenges to mainstream management theory. At the heart of CMS is an enduring skepticism concerning the social and ecological sustainability of prevailing ideas and forms of management and organization. CMS counters the normative focus on techniques to attain managerial success by challenging prevailing systems of domination and promoting the development of alternatives to them. Drawing on diverse critical traditions, CMS has grown over the past two decades into a pluralistic and inclusive movement that incorporates a range of diverse perspectives. These range from labor process theory to postcolonial work, feminism and gender studies, sustainability, anthropology, sociology and cultural studies. This diversity has led to CMS being characterized by a commitment to constructive critical dialogue and intellectual curiosity and through this mode of engagement to broaden the parameters of what can be covered and included within the spaces of the business school as well as management and organization studies.

This series will enhance and develop this tradition of dialogue through the regular publication of edited volumes. Each volume will include themed dialogic sections in which a number of contributors address a shared highly focused theme, with commentaries being made either to each contribution or to the theme more broadly. Within this format, authors will be provided with the opportunity to submit extended contributions that would not fit a journal format and be encouraged to engage in provocative, new thinking and in experimenting with new modes of writing. Finally, CMS will draw on contributions from a range of authors who might be PhD students, early career researchers as well as more established academics.

To submit a proposal to this series, please contact the series editor via email:

Sarah Gilmore
University of Exeter, UK

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