Cutting-Edge Technologies in Higher Education

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The objective of this series is to provide new research on important emerging technologies in higher education, including both teaching and administrative applications from a variety of methodological approaches. The series encompasses both theoretical and empirical developments and provides evidence from a range of disciplines throughout the world. It seeks to reflect on and shape current higher educational policies and practices regarding new technologies.

The ability to identify and exploit new technologies in higher education is increasingly important as competitive and cost factors are impacted in an increasingly globalized arena. Today’s learners are digital natives who thrive in technologically mediated environments and interfaces. Organizations in the second decade of the 21st century are increasingly flat without the top-down hierarchical command and control structure of the past. Per force, they require staff who are adept in new modes of technology-supported collaboration. This series endeavors to assist higher educational institutions in staying on the cutting-edge of technological innovation.

A wide range of issues and perspectives are covered by this series, including determining criteria for technology selection, technology deployment, and assessment. The range of academic disciplines represented includes business, arts, science, and education. The range of higher educational administrative areas includes enrollment management, alumni relations, counseling, student affairs, career centers, information technology experts, and human resource management. This title is indexed in Scopus.

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