Current Perspectives in Social Theory

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Current Perspectives in Social Theory (CPST) presents essays on major issues in contemporary theoretical sociology, providing both critical overviews of major debates and original contributions by specialists working in social theory, sociological theory, and critical theory.

While the series presents a forum for a wide range of theoretical issues in sociology and related disciplines, each volume collects contributions that share a common orientation, theme or challenge. Authors are encouraged to address and assess the continuing relevance of classical and twentieth-century contributions to social theory, as individual societies as well as human civilization continue to undergo changes at an accelerating pace and to apply earlier theories to current conditions, in the interest of taking steps toward recognizing and capturing novel phenomena and trends.

Current Perspectives in Social Theory is inspired by the notion that we live in an age when theoretical investigations are becoming ever more important in efforts to both explain and make sense of the world—a world that is fraught by complexities, contradictions, and contingencies in ways that have the potential of both enhancing and impeding the rigorous illumination of societal conditions and processes on Earth today.

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International Social Theory Consortium Conference

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Dubrovnik, Croatia

5-7 June 2019

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