Critical Management Studies

A key consideration of the Critical Management Studies (CMS) series is the type of work itself that should be included under this umbrella term. It has to be broad enough to include a range of progressive work from different radical traditions, but not too broad as to be indistinguishable from accounts aimed at reconciling capitalism with a broad range of social concerns - for example, conscious capitalism. To that end, if a line has to be drawn it is between scholarly contributions that, at best, seek improvement in the status quo, and those that encourage us to rethink the fundamental relationships between working / organizing / managing and our sense of humanity. In privileging the latter, inspiration is drawn from a range of radical traditions that include feminism, critical theory, Marxism, postmodernism / poststructuralism, critical race theory, environmentalism, labor process theory, postcolonial theory, existentialism, applied critical management studies, and many other radical contributions that may or may not identify with the CMS umbrella term.

In short, the Critical Management Studies series both contains and seeks a range of contributions aimed at far-reaching socio-political change, from those who self-identify as CMS scholars, critical scholars of management, or no particular identity project.

To submit a proposal to this series, please contact the series editors via email:

Albert J. Mills
Saint Mary's University, Canada

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