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Series description

Advances in Programe Evaluation (APE) publishes the latest research on where program evaluation is 'advancing'. A prestigious series crafted and published to the highest standard of quality and production; each volume is expected to be a position statement in its field. All volumes are subject to external double blind peer review.

The series seeks contributions which reveal evaluation thinking and practices where the discipline is advancing. Advances may come in different forms:

  • Developments in methodology, such as where evaluators embrace narrative approaches or confront the challenge of ethics;
  • Responses to changing contexts, such as where evaluation meets the challenges of the New Public Management or global recession;
  • Where evaluative roles and practices are being reconceived in new fields of action – such as the criminal justice sector or international development;
  • Where we are at an identifiable point of reflection on the role of evaluation – such as in the run-up to the Millennium Project;
  • Where evaluation seeks to position itself in intellectual histories – such as reflecting on the relationship between evaluation and science or evaluation and postmodernism.

The Series Editor issues an open invite to propose volumes for publications in APE. You may have a theme you wish to explore with others, or you may want to enter into a discussion with the Series Editor in order to discover a theme of mutual interest. You will recieve extensive support from the Series Editor in framing your proposal and in carrying it through to final submission.

To submit a proposal to this series, please contact the series editor via email:

Professor Saville Kushner
University of Auckland, New Zealand

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