Advances In Human Ecology

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This series publishes theoretical, empirical, and review papers on scientific human ecology. Human ecology is interpreted to include structural and functional changes in human social organization and sociocultural systems. These changes may be affects by, interdependent with, or identical to changes in ecosystemic, evolutionary, or ethological processes, factors, or mechanisms.

Three degrees of scope are included in this interpretation: (1) the adaptation of sociocultural forces to bioecological forces; (2) the interactions, or two-way adaptations, between sociocultural and bioecological forces; (3)the integration, or unified interactions, of sociocultural with bioecological forces.

The goal of the series is to promote the growth of human ecology as an interdisciplinary problem-solving paradigm. Contributions are solicited without regard for particular theoretical, methodological, or disciplinary orthodoxies, and may range across ecological anthropology, ecological economics, ecological demography, ecological geography, epidemiology, and other relevant fields of specialization.

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