Advances in Education in Diverse Communities: Research Policy and Praxis

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Series description

The primary objective of Advances in Education in Diverse Communities: Research, Policy and Praxis (AEDC) is to present original research, policy formulations and praxis involving education and related social welfare issues in global contexts. This series distinguishes between the narrower institutional confines of schooling to the broader understanding of education to include multiple, ways of knowing and ways of understanding in multiple settings and contexts, among diverse populations.

Similarly, within the volumes of AEDC education is defined as a larger part of any society’s social welfare, social safety net. As such, companion and integrative issues such as poverty, power, race, public health, immigration, juvenile in/justice, inequality, homelessness, housing, un/employment, environmental concerns, ethnic and racial conflict, and a host of other social, political and economic variables play significant roles in providing, sustaining and furthering the educational advancement of any society in both the developed and developing worlds.The impact of the series on contemporary research and public policy discussions in global contexts, among diverse populations, cannot be overstated.

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