Advances in Business Marketing and Purchasing

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Series description

The book series, Advances in Business Marketing and Purchasing (ABM&P), offers leading edge theory, empirical research and practice on sensemaking, planning, implementing and evaluating of strategies in business-to-business marketing and purchasing. Papers in the series are usually longer and provide more details in reviewing literature, developing theory, reporting empirical procedures, describing implications for strategy and examining implemented strategies than articles in the pages of quarterly and monthly journal issues. All papers in the ABM&P series cite and build heavily on relevant literature. ABM&P’s papers go deeper in explaining complexity in multiple antecedent paths leading to decisions and actions (the equifinality issue) than management texts available in airport bookstores. ABM&P is for reading by executives recognizing that highly effective decisions involve more than checklists and asking the "ultimate question".

Executives who dream during the night about handling complexity and about how to thoroughly evaluate on-going management performance are kindred spirits of the authors contributing to the ABM&P series. For most issues in the series all papers focus on one specific topic; a few examples: Creating and Delivering Superior Value, Volume 14; Managing Product Innovation, Volume 13; Evaluating Marketing Actions and Outcomes, Volume 12; Designing Winning Products, Volume 10; or Getting Better at Sensemaking, Volume 9.

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Arch Woodside
Curtin University, Australia

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