Advances In Bioethics

As new breakthroughs proliferate in medicine and technology, traditional philosophical questions about what it means to be human, to live a good life and to promote justice become focused practical dilemmas demanding unique and bold approaches.

Urgent questions arise for policy makers about how to address and regulate new breakthroughs in an ethical and just manner for the benefit of humanity. These dilemmas fuel the expanding role of bioethics in contemporary life. By nature a multidisciplinary field, bioethics draws wisdom and direction from the humanities, social sciences and the law to provide both empirical data and theoretical analyses in order to elucidate medical and scientific problems and provide novel solutions.

The series Advances in Bioethics is dedicated to providing students, scholars, and informed readers from a wide range of professional areas, the latest ideas and insights at the cutting edge of bioethical research. The editors brings together top scholars in the field of bioethics to provide either a single manuscript or to organize a volume of new papers on a single topic.

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