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Advanced Series in Management offers new perspectives on management that will influence theory and practice. New, hybrid, or unusual approaches to – and scholarly ideas about – research in management and related disciplines are welcome. Whether exploratory or evidence-based, analytical or holistic, inquiries often neglected by flagship publications are especially encouraged.

Recent volumes have:

  • Shown emerging uses of social media for Human Resources & Strategic Management

  • Concentrated on different forms of honesty manifestations & outcomes for individuals & organizations

  • Documented relationships between commercial diplomacy, international relations & business

  • Explored effects of new uses of Information Technologies in changing management practices in HR & related areas

  • Presented an autopoietic theory of firm formation & evolution

  • Introduced the competence-based approach to strategy & management theory & practice

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To submit a proposal to this series, please contact the series editors via email:

Professor Miguel R. Olivas-Lujan
Clarion University of Pennsylvania, USA

Professor Tanya Bondarouk
University of Twente, The Netherlands

We are pleased to announce our 2020 Literati Award winners.

Outstanding Author Contribution

Indigenous Entrepreneurship, Society, and the Dimensions of Diversity: An Overview of the Canadian National Context
Francesca Croce
Allyship as a Diversity and Inclusion Tool in the Workplace
Nicholas P. Salter, Leslie Migliaccio

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