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Our experienced publishing team work with thought leaders and rising stars from institutions worldwide to produce monographs, book series, and research serials that set the research agenda, and give the very best scholarship reach beyond the academy.


  • Jacket image for Tales of Brexits Past and Present
  • Jacket image for From Austerity to Abundance?
  • Jacket image for Radicalisation and Counter-Radicalisation in Higher Education
  • Jacket image for Trump Studies
  • Jacket image for Exploring the Future of Russia's Economy and Markets
  • Jacket image for Leadership and Power in International Development
  • Jacket image for National Identity and Education in Early Twentieth Century Australia
  • Jacket image for Research in Social Movements, Conflicts and Change
  • Jacket image for Women, Activism and Apartheid South Africa
  • Jacket image for Bureaucracy and Society in Transition
  • Jacket image for Inequalities in the UK
  • Jacket image for Corruption, Accountability and Discretion
  • Jacket image for National Identity and Europe in Times of Crisis
  • Jacket image for Governmental Financial Resilience

Meet the Team

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Hazel Goodes

Publisher - Political Science and Public Policy


Nick Wolterman

Commissioning Editor – International Relations, International Political Economy and Development Studies