Recrafting Ethnography: Crime, Harm And Control In The 21st Century

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The organisers of the Recrafting Ethnography Workshop have handpicked research from our journal and book collections that should be of interest to attendees. We've made these free for you to access until 29 June 2019. Enjoy! .

Institutional Ethnography, Theory, Methodology, and Research: Some Concerns and Some Comments - Jonathan Tummons

The Edges and the End: On Stopping an Ethnographic Project, On Losing the Way - Katie Fitzpatrick

Ethnographic research with young people: methods and rapport - Sarah Tickle

Time to Kill the Witch? Reflections on Power Relationships When Leaving the Field - Sara Delamont

In the shadow of deception: Ethical dilemma, positionality, and reflexivity in ethnographic fieldwork - Mario Liong

A Monster Lurking in the Shadows? One Researcher’s Crisis of Representing Class and Gender - Alexandra Allan

‘You Just Get On With It’: Negotiating the Telling and Silencing of Trauma and Its Emotional Impacts in Interviews With Marginalised Mothers - Dawn Mannay

Flat Claps and Dengue Fever: A Story of Ethnographies Lost and Found in India - Sally Campbell Galman

Exorcising an Ethnography in Limbo - Katy Vigurs

Toward multi-dimensional and developmental notion of researcher positionality - Hangyan Lu and Warren A. Hodge

Researching Forums in Online Ethnography: Practice and Ethics - Emma Hutchinson