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Our Economics list is growing. Our newest signings include monographs and professional texts on investment traps, risk management, comparative economic systems and welfare economics, China's macroeconomic mega trends, and a theoretical and empirical investigation of the current global recession.

New Economics Titles

  • Jacket image for Demystifying China‚Äôs Mega Trends
  • Jacket image for Investment Traps Exposed
  • Jacket image for The Current Global Recession
  • Jacket image for Dynamic Linkages and Volatility Spillover
  • Jacket image for Marconomics
  • Jacket image for Global Corporate Governance
  • Jacket image for Skill Mismatch in Labor Markets

Recently Published

  • Jacket image for Airline Economics in Asia
  • Jacket image for Environmental Impacts of Transnational Corporations in the Global South
  • Jacket image for Including a Symposium on Latin American Monetary Thought
  • Jacket image for Energy Economics
  • Jacket image for New Developments in Islamic Economics
  • Jacket image for Understanding the Mexican Economy
  • Jacket image for Exploring the Future of Russia's Economy and Markets
  • Jacket image for International Corporate Governance and Regulation
  • Jacket image for Models of Modern Information Economy
  • Jacket image for Including a Symposium on Mary Morgan

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Senior Commissioning Editor - Business, Management & Economics (UK, Europe & Asia)