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Women in Post-communism Vol: 2

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11 Mar 1997
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
304 pages - 150 x 230 x 23mm
Research in the Soviet Europe


This volume is part of an annual series which brings together studies of current issues in the former USSR and Eastern Europe, providing coverage of both domestic and international developments. It is designed to bridge the gap between specialist research and journalistic accounts.
Introduction The dynamics of societal macro changes - implications for the life of women, Barbara Wejnert. Part 1 Post-communist politics and women's identity: political transition and gender transformation in the communist and post-communist periods, Barbara Wejnert; institutionalization, identity, and the political participation of women in the new Bundeslander, Myra Marx Ferree; a land of brothers united? Xenophobia and the reassertion of ner patriarchy in the new Germany, Dorothy J. Rosenberg; women's political participation in Central and Eastern Europe - a cross-cultural perspective, Renata Siemienska; the masquerade of equality - women and politics in Romania, Irina Liczek; sexual equality in post-communist Eastern Europe, Zillah Eisenstein; when the world for Peacenik was woman - war and gender in the former Yugoslavia, Sonja Licht and Slobodan Drakulic; woman's participation inpost-communist social dialogua, Elena A. Iankova. Part 2 Post-communist economy and women's well-being: challenges of the modern world, Yevgena Issraelyan; the quality of life in post-communist Poland - a gender perspective, Barbara Wejnert; leaders and breeders - the archaization of gender relationsin Croatia, Patricia Albanese; between the vampire husband and the mortal lover - a narrative for feminism in Yugoslavia, Svetlana Slapsak; patriarchal mortality versus democracy - the 1993 German constitutional Court Decision on Abortion, Nanette Funk; ethnic conflict, rape, and feminism - the case of Yugoslavia, Maja Korac; post-socialist patriarchy, Metta Spencer.

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