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Women in Leadership: Contextual Dynamics and Boundaries

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27 Apr 2011
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
350 pages - 165 x 240 x 22mm
Women leaders in many parts of the world have leadership opportunities that never existed before as a result of technology, globalization, and demographic shifts that have produced more female graduates than in the past and created a workforce which consists almost 50% of women. At the same time, objectifying women in contexts such as sports and the media or the patriarchal ideology that permeates contexts such as the military and the church have changed very little. This book acknowledges and discusses the belief that the context in which women exercise leadership is critically important in shaping their leadership style. Each chapter opens with a vignette of an extraordinary women leader representing the context, including Angela Merkel, Carly Fiorina, Condoleezza Rice, and Marie Curie. What is the future of women's leadership in the global environment characterized by ambiguity, uncertainty, increasing interdependence and interconnectivity? Find out in 'Women in Leadership', the new book from award-winning author Karin Klenke.
Chapter 1. Women's Leadership in Context 
Chapter 2. History as Context for Women's Leadership  
Chapter 3. Political Systems as Context for Women's Leadership 
Chapter 4. Organizations as Context for Women's Leadership 
Chapter 5. Information Technology as Context for Women's Ladership 
Chapter 6. The Media as Context for Women's Leadership  
Chapter 7. Sports as the Context for Women's Leadership 
Chapter 8. The Military as Context for Women's Leadership 
Chapter 9. Religion and Spirituality as Context for Women's Leadership 
Chapter 10. Science, Higher Education, and the Arts as Contexts for Women's Leadership 
Chapter 11. Global Women Leaders 
Chapter 12. Epilogue

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