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Who Loses in the Downturn?: Economic Crisis, Employment and Income Distribution Vol: 32

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15 Apr 2011
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
300 pages - 156 x 234 x 28mm
Research in Labor Economics


Economic events such as the recent global economic crisis can have substantial effects on the distribution of resources at the individual and household levels. Identification of appropriate and timely policy responses that support vulnerable groups is hampered by how little is known about the likely patterns of losses early on during the downturn. This volume contains fresh knowledge on the effects of the economic downturn on employment and income distribution. It contains 9 original research papers from both Europe and the US, including illustrations of forward-looking simulation methods that can be used before detailed data on actual household experiences become available. These papers offer new insights into issues such as how wages, employment and incomes are affected by the crisis, which demographic groups are most vulnerable in the recession, how well the welfare system protects the newly unemployed and how consumption and income poverty change over the business cycle.
List of Contributors. Preface. Recent Trends in Income Inequality. Consumption and Income Poverty Over the Business Cycle. Patterns of Employment Disadvantage in a Recession. Job Flows, Demographics, and the Great Recession. The Impact of the Great Recession on the Italian Labour Market. Reversed Roles? Wage and Employment Effects of the Current Crisis. The Economic Crisis, Public Sector Pay and the Income Distribution. Automatic Stabilizers, Economic Crisis and Income Distribution in Europe. Economic Downturn and Stress Testing European Welfare Systems. Who Loses in the Downturn? Economic Crisis, Employment and Income Distribution. Research in Labor Economics. Research in Labor Economics. Copyright page.

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