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Voices of Globalization Vol: 21

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31 Oct 2013
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
299 pages - 152 x 229 x 20mm
Research in Political Sociology


This volume addresses issues of political and economic globalization and worldwide connectedness of countries posing a question whether it symbolizes progress or regress for world's societies. Starting with the notion of modernization resulting from globalized development, and supported by the notion of "the end of civilization and the last men" envisioned as outcomes of worldwide democratization, the collection of papers focuses on economic and political issues experiences by countries at the time of rapid diffusions of democracy and of global market economy. The case studies of pertinent political issues such as international migration, human rights and international conflict, political interventions, tolerance and equality, environmental protection and green energy, and economic justice are discussed by authors focusing on modern societies of developed and developing world. The concluding chapter provides a summary of presented topics in form of a discussion forum on outcomes of globalization.
List of Contributors. Political evolution, entrepreneurship, and autonomy: Causes and consequences of an “axial” moment. Another chapter from democracy’s secret history: A research program on some small spanish towns. Social movements, policy, and conflict in post-neoliberal latin america: Bolivia in the time of evo morales. Post-conflict georgian youth on conflict and tolerance. Freedom of religion and religiosity of evangelizers. Worldwide diffusion of religious movements and polish schools of new evangelization. Celebrities and politics: Representation struggles in arenas of public intervention. From “tippecanoe and tyler, too” to “born in the U.S.A.”: The transformation of the campaign song in presidential elections in the united states. Beyond the poverty paradigm: The neoliberal city and the low-income worker. The buffalo, New York experience. Signaling responsibility, deflecting controversy: Strategic and institutional influences on the charitable giving of corporate foundations in the health sector. Participatory geographic information systems for environmental zoning plan: Case Study of the madu ganga estuary, sri lanka. Development of the atomic power industry in poland: Public debate on environmental conservation versus economic needs. Reflections on the impact of globalization: Diffusion, equality, and opportunities. Voices of Globalization. Research in Political Sociology. Voices of Globalization. Copyright page. EDITORIAL BOARD.

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