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Visions of the 21st Century Family: Transforming Structures and Identities Vol: 7

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15 Oct 2013
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
522 pages - 152 x 229 x 43mm
Contemporary Perspectives in Family Research


One undeniable fact about families is that they keep changing, both in terms of structure and behavior. Many factors have served to bring about such changes, including social, cultural, political, and institutional change, resulting in family forms which perhaps may represent the new 'traditional' in the not-so-distant future. Through research studies from around the world, this volume examines these changing structures and behaviors, and attempts to better illustrate the ever-changing nature of families. Topics covered include: transracial adoption, lesbian parenting, intergenerational relationships, procreative identities, ex-spouse relationships, military couples, the meaning of remarriage, and gender roles within contemporary families, among other topics. This volume, along with future volumes of CPFR, utilizes a wide variety of methodological and theoretical approaches, and attempts to provide a comprehensive examination of change in family structures and behaviors.
Foreword. About the Authors. Making sense of donors and donor siblings: A comparison of the perceptions of donor-conceived offspring in lesbian-parent and heterosexual-parent families. Emotion work in black and white: Transracial adoption and the process of racial socialization. “We are both her mothers and I want the world to know that”: Parent term selection among lesbian co-parents with children conceived through donor insemination. The hands that (yet) rock the cradle: Unveiling the social construction of the family through the contemporary birthing ritual. The process through which men and women construct procreative identities: A narrative approach. Recent economic distress in midlife: Consequences for adult children’s relationships with their mothers. Subjective preferences versus objective realities: Voices of full- and part-time employed mothers. On the fast track: Dual military couples navigating institutional structures. “Small House” Practice and its impact on the traditional family unit in Zimbabwe. Negotiating family challenges by transforming traditional gender roles in new identities: Patterns of resilience and parenthood in a sample of italian couples. The schism of “isms”: How race, class, gender, and sexuality impact the adoption triad in the United States. Caregiving for an Ex-Husband: Exploring precipitating factors and relational outcomes. You are my world – The social embeddedness of remarriage. Defining family: Perspectives of homeless adults in southeast texas. On generations, affections, and roles in the family in Brazil. Visions of the 21st Century Family: Transforming Structures and Identities. Contemporary Perspectives in Family Research. Visions of the 21st Century Family: Transforming Structures and Identities. Copyright page. List of Contributors.

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