Visionary Leadership in a Turbulent World: Thriving in the New VUCA Context

Rob Elkington
Global Leadership Initiatives, Canada

Madeleine van der Steege
Director Synquity, The Netherlands

Judith Glick-Smith
CEO MentorFactor Inc, USA

Jennifer Moss Breen
Creighton University, USA

Product Details
30 Jun 2017
Emerald Publishing Limited
280 pages - 152 x 229mm
Visionary Leadership in a Turbulent World: Thriving in the New VUCA Context, is the thoughtful analysis of nine expert authors from around the globe who put VUCA under the microscope and take the reader on a journey that looks at VUCA from a number of different leadership perspectives. Through their research and writing these nine authors seek to provide sense-making and insights that are combined with practical tips and frameworks to help leadership embrace this new VUCA context and learn how to thrive within it. The book suggests ways in which organizational leadership can seek to develop both the self and the organization to systemically and ethically address VUCA with innovation, collaboration, and cultural intelligence, whilst also effectively managing the self with resilience and flow, and supporting everyone in the organization with effective systems coaching. 
Visionary Leadership in a Turbulent World: Thriving in the New VUCA Context, by the collaboration that engendered it, the innovation and research that supported it, and the teamwork that brought it to completion in the midst of real VUCA moments, models the principles and practices outlined in this excellent book.
Chapter 1. Introduction; Madeleine van der Steege 
Chapter 2. Ethical Leadership at the Speed of VUCA; Rob Elkington 
Chapter 3. Leadership Resilience in a VUCA World; Jennifer Moss Breen  
Chapter 4. Preparing the Self for Flow-Based Leadership; Judith L. Glick-Smith 
Chapter 5. Change Management in a VUCA World; Noel J. Pearse 
Chapter 6. Innovation: A Necessity, Not Nicety; Bettina von Stamm  
Chapter 7. Collaboration in a VUCA Environment; Fred T. Krawchuk 
Chapter 8. Mary Parker Follett and Margaret Wheatley, Systems Pioneers in a VUCA World; Suzanne Martin 
Chapter 9. Cultural Intelligence in a VUCA World; Elizabeth A. Tuleja  
Chapter 10. Strategic Systems Coaching for Leaders in Turbulent Times; Madeleine van der Steege
Madeleine (“Mads”) van der Steege, MA (Soc. Sc.), is a managing editor, award-winning female entrepreneur, business coach, researcher and writer on entrepreneurship, leadership, culture and gender issues. Madeleine comes from a family of entrepreneurs. She was a pioneer in the field of mediation in South Africa and later moved into general management and management assessment, training and development. In 2004 she won the ‘BWA Woman of the Year Regional Entrepreneur’ award. In 2007 she and her family relocated to the Netherlands, where she set up European operations and virtual warehousing for her sister’s Vancouver-based, organic pet food company In 2013 she returned to the organization and human development field when she founded Synquity, providing leadership solutions in the EU. She is currently EU representative of TLH Auctioneers and Adjunct Professor, Business & Management Department, Webster University, Leiden. She is a member of the management board of The Bijlmer Project which seeks to empower trafficked women ( Madeleine has been involved with GLI (Global Leadership Initiatives) since its inception. She lives with her husband and three children in a picturesque village in the beautiful flower bulb region of the Netherlands.
As Visionary Business Leadership in a Turbulent World genuinely illustrates, there is nothing certain about operating in today’s ever-changing business domain. This book is a refreshing read with practical insights and applications for helping leaders to navigate its rocky terrain. - Rob Koonce, Founder, Can We Communicate

The nine experts in this book impressively clarify the challenges that leaders face in an increasingly volatile, complex, and ambiguous global environment while at the same time raising critical questions. How can systems-thinking equip leaders to better respond in ambiguous situations? What mindsets transcend relativism and multi-culturalism and how can the gaps in cultural competence be bridged? What capabilities must be developed to successfully guide change? What roles do innovation, collaboration, and resilience play when navigating the twenty-first century landscape? This intriguing book serves as an indispensible guide for leader practitioners as they hone their skills to think strategically and holistically about solutions that are centered on effective leadership practices in a VUCA world. - Donnette Noble, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Chair – Organizational Leadership Program, Roosevelt University (College of Professional Studies)

Visionary Leadership does what so many other books attempt but fail - it captures the dynamic and complex realities of engaging in leadership in a contemporary context. By acknowledging VUCA as inherent in business- and indeed across most disciplines and fields- the authors can offer insights and recommendations that actually make a difference in how we understand and practice leadership - John P. Dugan, Associate Professor & Program Chair, Higher Education; Co-Program Chair, International Higher Education; Program Director, Undergraduate Minor in Leadership Studies, Loyola University Chicago

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