Virtue Ethics in the Conduct and Governance of Social Science Research Vol: 3

Nathan Emmerich
Queen's University Belfast, UK

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06 Apr 2018
Emerald Publishing Limited
248 pages - 152 x 229mm
Advances in Research Ethics and Integrity


This collection focuses on virtue theory and the ethics of social science research. A moral philosophy that has been relatively neglected in the domain of research ethics, virtue ethics has much to offer those who wish to go beyond the difficulties generated by the biomedical model of research ethics and positively engage with the ethics of social scientific research. As the chapters contained in this volume show, the perspective provided by virtue ethics also exhibits a certain affinity with the emerging discourse regarding research integrity. Contributors develop various facets of virtue ethics in order to illuminate a range of issues in the practice and governance of social science, including integrity, the ethics of ethical review, ethics education, and the notion of phrónēsis (wisdom). 

Introduction: Virtue and the Ethics of Social Research; Nathan Emmerich 
Section 1: Virtue and Integrity in Social Science Research 
1. From Research Integrity to Researcher Integrity: Issues of Conduct, Competence and Commitment; Sarah Banks  
2. Questioning the Virtue of Virtue Ethics: Slowing the Rush to Virtue in Research Ethics; Richard Kwiatkowski 
3. Research Ethics Training: Using a Virtue Ethics Approach to Training to Support Development of Researcher Integrity; Nicole Palmer and Rachel Forrester-Jones
4. The Professional Integrity of Social Researchers - Can Virtue Ethics Help?; Kath Melia 
Section 2: Virtue and the Review/Governance of Social Science Research 
5. Virtue Ethics in the Practice and Review of Social Science Research: The Virtuous Ethics Committee; David Carpenter 
6. Relating to Carpenter’s Virtuous Research Ethics committee; Helen Brown Coverdale 
7. A Response to David Carpenter’s ‘Virtue Ethics in the Practice and Review of Social Science Research; John Elliott 
8. Commentary On: Virtue Ethics in the Practice and Review of Social Science Research: The Virtuous Ethics Committee; David Carpenter, Jason Z. Morris and Marilyn C. Morris
Section 3: Phrónēsis in the Practice/Conduct and Review/ Governance of Social Scientific Research  
9. Ethical Regulation of Social Research Versus The Cultivation of Phrónēsis; Anna Traianou 
10. Is Phrónēsis Necessarily Virtuous?; Martyn Hammersley 
11. From Phrónēsis to Habitus: Synderesis and the Practice(s) of Ethics and Social Research; Nathan Emmerich
Nathan Emmerich is a Research Fellow in the Institute of Ethics, Dublin City University and a Visiting Research Fellow in the School of History, Anthropology, Politics and Philosophy at Queen’s University Belfast.

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