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Urban Sociology in Transition Vol: 3

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05 Sep 1993
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
268 pages - 156 x 234 x 17mm
Research in Urban Sociology


This volume is divided into two sections, the first presenting work by urban ecologists, the second presenting work by persons working within the broad contours of the new urban sociology. Each section contains chapters written by well-known scholars as well as promising young authors. The resulting essays allow not only a comparison of theoretical perspectives but also of the ways in which proponents of each perspective see the field developing in the future. The final section of the volume includes an article by William Flanagan, author of "Urban Sociology: Images and Structure", the only textbook in urban sociology which makes an effort to systematically incorporate both the structural (new urban sociology) and cultural (human ecology) approaches in the field.
Contributors to the volume. The crisis of urban sociology (R. Hutchison). Human Ecology and Social Ecology. Recent empirical and theoretical developments in sociological human ecology (W.A. Schwab). Neighborhood succession: theory and patterns (D.J. Hartman). Embattled neighborhoods: the political ecology of neighborhood chance (K.P. Schwirian, G.S. Mesch). Spatial structure and the urban experience: ecology and the new urban sociology (M. La Gory). The New Urban Sociology. The political economy of housing: all the discomforts of home (G.D. Squires). Protest movements and urban theory (E.L. Hirsch). World cities: a political economy/global approach (D.A. Smith, M. Timberlake). Marxian urban sociology and the new approaches to space (M. Gottdiener). The Question of Convergence in Urban Sociology. The structural roots of action and the question of convergence (W.G. Flanagan).

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