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Urban Areas and Global Climate Change Vol: 12

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12 Oct 2012
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
350 pages - 152 x 229 x 34mm
Research in Urban Sociology


Examining urban environmental issues at the macro, municipal level down to the micro community and individual level, this volume features cities and metropolitan regions across the global north and south with case studies from the United States, Canada, Eastern and Western Europe to India, Central America, South America and Africa. Contributions on the global north examine: the role of governing processes in sustainable cities; local growth machines and their carbon consequences; tackling climate change adaptation through community participation; climate protection and the participation and engagement of citizens; the importance of networking; and assessing the success of the environmental justice within emissions trading schemes. Case studies on the global south look at such topics as: how resource-constraints shape climate adaptation; the emergence of low-carbon development; urban vulnerability and adaptation to the health impacts of air pollution and climate extremes; global environmental changes and impacts on fishing activities; environmental justice and the social construction of space in urban poor communities; and the inverse connection between gender and climate change.
List of Contributors. Climate Change Impacts on Urban Areas. Chapter 1 Institutional and Social Capacities in Lead Cities in Europe and the United States: Success Factors for Urban Sustainability?. Chapter 2 Growth Machines and Carbon Emissions: A County-Level Analysis of how U.S. Place-Making Contributes to Global Climate Change. Chapter 3 Tackling Climate Change Adaptation at the Local Level Through Community Participation. Chapter 4 Climate Protection and Civil Society: Does Effective Local Climate Policy Need the Participation and Engagement of Citizens? A Comparison Between the Cities of Potsdam and Muenster. Chapter 5 Milan's Answer to the Climate Change Problem. Chapter 6 Win, Lose, or Draw? Assessing the Success of the Environmental Justice Movement in Emissions Trading Schemes. Chapter 7 Climate Adaptation in the Face of Resource Constraints: Lessons from a Coastal South Asian Mega-City. Chapter 8 Adapting to what? Climate Change Impacts on Indian Megacities and the Local Indian Climate Change Discourse. Chapter 9 Environmental State in Transformation: The Emergence of Low-Carbon Development in Urban China. Chapter 10 Urban Vulnerability and Adaptation to the Health Impacts of Air Pollution and Climate Extremes in Latin American Cities. Chapter 11 Cities in the Flood: Vulnerability and Disaster Risk Management: Evidence from Ibadan, Nigeria. Chapter 12 Global Environmental Changes and Impacts on Fishing Activities in the Northern Coast of São Paulo, Brazil. Chapter 13 Climate Change and the North Coast of Jakarta: Environmental Justice and the Social Construction of Space in Urban Poor Communities. Chapter 14 The Gender Dimensions of Climatic Impacts in Urban Areas: Evidence and Lessons from Kampala City, Uganda. Urban Areas and Global Climate Change. Research in Urban Sociology. Research in Urban Sociology. Copyright page.

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